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Project Manager

Foreman in Training

Project Manager

Position Overview

The Project Manager is an essential part of this company.  We need an individual to support our growing team that has an entrepreneurial mindset (drive results, don’t wait), can be flexible with the week-to-week responsibilities, wears different hats, and just has an overall love of being around and helping people.   We have a fantastic team of people, and we need someone who can enable our growth and be a pivotal member of our quickly growing organization.  

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage administrative aspects of Project Installation and Coordination from Project award to final completion.
      1. Coordinate with the Engineering and Estimation team to transition all files and documentation to and active project folder.
      2. Review and familiarize yourself with all drawings, proposals, estimations and communications with the customer.
      3. Conduct a site visit to get familiar with the project site and surrounding area.
      4. Develop a Schedule of Values to be used for billing purposes. Utilize the Project estimator to obtain specific values to be used.
      5. Schedule and run and the Project Kick Off meetings to assure all necessary Chroma individuals are aware of key elements of a project.
  • Manage the procurement of major equipment and materials.
      1. Assemble all quotes provided during the bid process and coordinate with vendors to obtain updated quotes and generate associated purchase orders for equipment.
      2. Coordinate with the assigned Site Superintendent to build the BOM materials list and organize into desired shipments. Generate purchase orders and coordinate delivery dates with responsible vendors.
      3. Track all deliveries and manage on-site verification of shipment accuracy.
      4. Coordinate with the Customer to obtain any specific shipment receipt process requirements. Incorporate these processes into Company receipt procedures.
  • Utilize customer input, Company availability and equipment lead times to generate a project schedule. 
      1. Review the RFP documents to determine schedule requirements outlined by the customer.
      2. Communicate with the customer to determine if all schedule information provided during the bid process is accurate and if any additional information is available.
      3. Utilize equipment lead times to coordinate corresponding project tasks within a schedule.
      4. Review Company commitments to determine personnel availability for the project.
      5. Review project schedule with Company assigned site personnel and get input on schedule requirements/desires.
  • Coordinate with Company departments to obtain project administrative requirements.
      1. Coordinate with Safety Officer to obtain a Site-Specific Safety Plan and Site Specific Quality Plan.
      2. Coordinate with Office Administration to obtain project specific COI and Builders Risk policy (if required).
      3. Coordinate with Office Administration to obtain Federal Required Jobsite postings and Worker’s Compensation Emergency Medical Services information for the project area.
      4. Coordinate with Payroll to establish communications with external labor providers and establish Certified Payroll Processes (if required).
  • Coordinate scheduling of equipment deliveries to support project installation.
      1. Coordinate with Site Superintendent to determine equipment needs and desired delivery schedule.
      2. Contact equipment vendor(s) to determine equipment availability and schedule delivery to meet installation schedule needs.
      3. Ensure on-site personnel conduct delivery inspections and note any damage/ deficiencies.
  • Coordinate with assigned Site Superintendent to ensure arrangements have been made for site services (ie. Dumpster, Connex, Portable Toilets).
  • Evaluate the Project for any additional or third party services that may be required.
      1. If civil scope is part of the project, determine SWPP inspection responsibilities and make the appropriate arrangements. Ensure EOR inspections are completed IAW specified requirements.
      2. If additional third party inspections are required (ex. MV Testing), establish communications with the appropriate organization and coordinate throughout the project to schedule required services.
  • Evaluate the project to determine what, if any, subcontractor support is required.
      1. If subcontractor support is required, determine if a specific subcontractor was identified during the RFP process and coordinate with the specified subcontractor.
      2. If no subcontractor has been identified, solicit appropriate service providers for quotes and select a suitable subcontractor to provide the required services.
  • Coordinate external labor force requirements.
      1. Coordinate with the assigned Site Superintendent and Foremen to generate a manning plan for the project.
      2. Communicate labor needs with the appropriate labor provider and verify manning needs can be met. 
      3. Update the manning plan as required during the course of the project.
      4. Communicate the manning plan to the Payroll department and keep them informed of any major changes.
  • Manage the project permitting and interconnection process.
      1. Ensure that all required permits have been submitted as early in the process as possible.
      2. Obtain copies of all permits and have them posted and maintained at the site.
      3. Coordinate with the Site Superintendent to ensure that required AHJ inspections are scheduled, and results are recorded.
      4. If an interconnection application is required to be submitted and managed by Chroma, manage this process.
  • Ensure regular communications are maintained with the customer.
      1. Attend all regularly scheduled update meetings.
      2. Communicate any irregularities, deviations, etc. as soon as practicable to the customer. Propose solutions to issues that arise on site when informing the customer of said issues. 
  • Track project cost on a weekly basis.
      1. Create an Excel spreadsheet that will account for all Project costs on a weekly basis. Costs to be accounted for include: Labor and Per Diem, Lodging, Equipment, Materials, Misc. Services, Subcontractor, Credit Card (ie. Travel, Misc.), Permitting, Design/Engineering.
      2. Coordinate with Payroll Department to get weekly labor costs.
      3. Coordinate with the Accounting Department to get costs from invoices submitted by equipment/material vendors and jobsite equipment (mini-ex, skid steer, etc.) vendors.
      4. Coordinate with Office Administration to obtain labor housing costs.
      5. Coordinate with the Accounting Department to obtain misc. costs such as travel, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. that would be on Company Credit Cards.
  • Generate and process all change orders. 
      1. Unless the change order involves a Time and Material agreement, generate the required change order, and get them approved prior to completing required additional work. 
      2. Ensure Change Orders are accounted for on the subsequent Pay Application. 
      3. Follow up with the Customer on all submitted change orders during regularly scheduled meetings.
      4. Provide all the required paperwork to Chroma’s Controller so the Change Order can be billed in a timely manner.  
  • Facilitate the submittal of Monthly pay applications.
      1. Ensure the Schedule of Values is updated and that all approved change orders are accounted for.
      2. Submit the Schedule of Values to the Accounting Department for processing and submittal. 
      3. Follow up with the Customer regarding submitted pay applications during regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Report Project status regularly to the necessary Chroma employees
    1. Provide standard Project updates related to conformance to schedule, project cost, labor status, customer issues or concerns, etc.
    2. Provide an immediate report to the Director regarding any Safety violations/issues that arise on site.
    3. Notify the Director of any significant delays in the project schedule to include any actions that may be taken to offset the delay. 
    4. Notify the Director of any significant cost impacts to the project (greater than $3,000).
    5. Discuss any Company personnel issues that could impact the project schedule or cost.
    6. Discuss any adverse communications with the Customer and proposed corrective actions that may alleviate Customer concerns.


  • 3-5 years of experience in a Project Manager role
  • Experience with Procore is preferred
  • Experience in the Renewable Energy/Solar industry is a plus

Mechanical Foreman in Training

Chroma Energy Group is looking to hire candidates into our Mechanical Foreman in training program to assist our Operations team and gain experience in the renewable energy sector. Chroma Energy Group provides preliminary engineering, material procurement, and turnkey construction services for a wide range of solar photovoltaic (PV) array installations to utility companies, government agencies, private developers, and businesses. With a focus on excellence in design, analysis, and optimization, we strive to push the boundaries of renewable energy and create impactful solutions that drive our clients' success.

Job Description:
A Mechanical Foreman at Chroma Energy Group is responsible for leading a crew of 4 to 8 workers in the mechanical construction of a PV array. This includes racking construction/assembly and module installation. The foreman will be part of the installation crew and is expected to actively participate in the construction of the PV array. The foreman reports to the Site Superintendent. Some travel will be required.  Chroma does not expect mastery of the mechanical scope of work in order to qualify for this Foreman/Foreman in training program.  Chroma is willing to invest the time and training to get an individual to a Foreman level.  We prioritize work ethic, attitude, and character, and as long as a candidate possesses those, Chroma will do the rest to get through the training program.  

Role Responsibilities:
- Ensure that work is performed safely, in accordance with Chroma’s Site Specific Safety Plan and OSHA requirements. Immediately notify the Mechanical Superintendent of any unsafe conditions. Safety is our top priority.

-  Ensure that manufacturer’s installation instructions are followed precisely. Adhere to Chroma’s Standard Work Instruction (SWI). Details are important: racking must be installed within specific tolerances. Fasteners must be tightened to the correct torque. Modules must be properly aligned and handled carefully to prevent damage. Quality is our second priority.

- Be able to read drawings in order to assure specifications are met.

- Leadership/management: lead by example, communicate effectively, and be able to look ahead at what needs to happen.  All three are required to make sure jobsites flow seamlessly and stay on schedule. 

- Ensure that tools and equipment are properly handled and maintained. All tools and equipment are returned to the appropriate storage unit at the end of the shift. Remove from service, apply proper tag, and notify the Mechanical Superintendent of any tools or equipment that are not working properly or broken/damaged.

- Perform occasional quality checks. Take corrective actions when components are not in compliance with manufacturer’s tolerances.

- Track daily progress of your crew. Find ways to improve the efficiency of underperforming crews. Production is our third priority.

- Track time and performance of individuals on your crew.

Role Requirements:
- Related work with solar installation is a plus.

- Proven experience as a Mechanical Foreman or in a similar role within a construction or manufacturing environment.

- Knowledge of mechanical systems, assembly techniques, and machinery.

- Strong understanding of safety regulations and risk management.

- Ability to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical issues.

- Proficiency in using mechanical tools and equipment.

- Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.

- High school diploma or equivalent; higher education is a plus.



  • Pay Rate: Salary (negotiable depending on experience)
  • Competitive health benefits
  • Company provided cell phone 
  • Access to company 401k plan with employer match
  • 2 weeks of PTO per year for first year


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