“Chroma Energy Group’s Role in the Green Transition: Empowering Southern Communities”

Ed Rottmann

I’m proud to lead an organization that is not just a business, but a catalyst for positive change. Our mission goes beyond generating profits.

We’re headquartered in East Tennessee, an area with a rich heritage and diverse communities.  I believe this region, along with the rest of the southern states, are at a pivotal point in our energy journey.

At Chroma Energy Group, we see ourselves as partners in this transition, helping to shape a future that is sustainable, resilient, and inclusive.

States like Tennessee and Georgia have seen a huge increase in growth over the last five years. This growth has been in the form of new residents moving here and new businesses setting up operations. This growth has been tremendous for our economies in the south, but it has put a strain on our grid as well. A lot of southern states are evaluating how to stabilize the grid and increase capacity.

Clean energy will play a key role in this. Businesses and individuals will demand clean energy as part of the portfolio that powers the south, and Chroma is well positioned to be a partner in this process. The main bottleneck in the solar adoption in the south will be getting the expertise and workforce that install these systems lined up, and improving the infrastructure and transmission systems. Chroma will play a key role in recruiting and training the workforce to enable these projects to take place.

Advising and consulting with private sector customers is an important part of the energy transition as well. A lot of companies are interested in investing in behind-the-meter solar systems, but some of these companies are just starting down the path of sustainability and need a trusted partner. A solar installation needs to be designed and optimized correctly to make sure they address the electricity needs and provide the expected economic benefit. Chroma’s professional services team specializes in that. All these factors will play a key role in assuring the south successfully navigates the energy transition.

Our approach to empowering southern communities is multi-faceted:

  • Investing in Local Renewable Projects: We are actively investing in renewable energy projects across the south. By developing solar projects, we are not only contributing to the grid resiliency of these regions but also creating local jobs. These projects bring economic growth to rural and urban communities alike, offering new opportunities in a rapidly evolving energy sector.
  • Education and Training Initiatives: We believe in equipping local communities with the knowledge and skills needed for the green transition. Chroma Energy Group is collaborating with educational institutions to develop training programs in renewable energy technologies. By doing so, we are helping prepare a workforce that is ready to meet the demands of a new energy economy.
  • Community Engagement and Inclusion: We understand that the transition to sustainable and reliable energy should be inclusive. We are engaging with community leaders and groups to ensure that our initiatives consider and address the unique needs of each community. Our projects are not just about infrastructure; they are about people and their futures.

As we move forward, Chroma remains committed to being more than an energy company. We are a community partner, dedicated to empowering the south as it embraces the energy transition. The journey is not without its challenges, but together, we can create a future that is not only sustainable but also prosperous and inclusive for all.